1 Day



6:00 - 14:30 hrs




1 - 6 Persons



Activities Included:

1. Kayak Tour in The Jaguar Natural Reserve

2. Guide Tour to Bacalar Pirate Fort.

3. Blue Cenote Tour

Breakfast Included





1. Kayak Tour in The Jaguar Natural Reserve



Jaguar Nature Reserve is located in the heart of the Maya Rain Forest and is part of the most important areas for conservation of biodiversity in the region. The Rain Forest of this region is characterized by hosting some of the oldest and most important vestiges of Mayan civilizations as well as a large number of species in the region.

In this Rain Forest we can find five of the six species of felines that live in the country, two of the three species of primates living in Mexico, and a large number of endemic species that inhabit the region, which include Jaguar, the Tapir, The Ocelot, The Oncilla, The Brocket Deer, The Spider Monkey, The Howler Monkey, The Taiman Tortoise, The Ocellated Turkey, The Pygmy Woodpecker, The Yucatan Parrot, The Yellow Head Parrot and The King Vulture, etc

Also within this region there is a lot of archaeological sites of the Mayan Culture, many of which are still in the depths of the jungle without being discovered yet.



This activity consist in a kayak tour on one of the rivers located within the Jaguar Natural Reserve, this beautiful river is surrounded by lush vegetation and backwoods which will give us an opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of the region in an unparalleled way. During the tour on the river we will see lot of species of the region as The Crocodile, the Spider Monkey, The Monkey Howler, The Yucatan Parrot, The Yellow Head Parrot and a lot of birds endemic and migratory.

Even sometimes if you are lucky we can even see endangered species like the Jaguar or the King Vulture and also during this tour we will have the oportunity to visit the remains of a Maya civilization within this reserve.








2. Guide Tour to Bacalar Pirate Fort



In the history of Fort San Felipe Bacalar are enclosed 261 years of historical memory starring Maya, Spaniards and pirates from all over the world. Also keeps secrets of the brotherhood of Belize and Mexico with a local and regional identity.

This fort, located next to the lagoon of seven colors and 40 km from Chetumal, Mexico, was designed by the Italian Juan Podio, and built with volcanic, marine rocks and limestones; It has 11 guns, although once had 34, placed in places like Baluarte San Jose and Santa Ana.

Maya Bakhalal port was founded by the Itzaes culture in 500 AC, it was the most important settlement of the Mayan province of Uaymil. In pre-Hispanic times this region functioned as a transfer point of goods such as cocoa and salt between Honduras and Yucatan.

Currently inside the fort is one of the most important museums of the Caribbean, this museum is about pirates and the history of  the great pirate captains who attacked the fort and even robbed and pillaged the town of Bacalar.


This activity consists of a guided tour inside the fort of Bacalar where a guide will take you through the museum and will explain you about the history and the influence that pirates had in the Yucatan Peninsula..






3.Blue Cenote Tour



Blue Cenote is located four kilometers south of the city of Bacalar, it is famous for the transparency of its waters, which you can see perfectly from the surface to a depth of 90 meters, it has a diameter of 200 meters, this Cenote is one of the biggest that is in the region and one of the most beautiful as it is surrounded by mangroves and reeds, also around the Cenote you can see the lush vegetation and a large number of native and migratory birds .



This activity consists to visit the Blue Cenote where you can spend the rest of the afternoon swimming in its waters, also on the side of the Cenote there is a Restaurant Bar where you can eat your lunch or drink something while enjoying the beautiful scenery that gives us this natural wonder.







1 Person:

$1900 MX

2 Persons:

$1300 MX

3 Persons:

$1200 MX

4 - 6 Persons:

$1100 MX

Minors From 6 to 12 Years:

$990 MX


Costs are per person and includes the following:


Transportation Hotel - Jaguar Natural Reserve - Fort San Felipe - Blue Cenote - Hotel

Lifejacket if required

Entrance to The Jaguar Natural Reserve

Kayak Rental for 2 hours in The Jaguar Natural Reserve

Complete BreakFast:

(Scrambled, Omelette, Mexican or Ranchero Eggs, Regional Fruit Beberage or Coffe)

Entrance and Guided Tour in Fort San Felipe

Entrance and Tour in the Blue Cenote




Departing Points:

Bacalar Hotels

Bacalar ADO Bus Station

Chetumal Hotels

Chetumal Airport




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