1 Day


7:00 - 19:00 hrs 


2 - 7 Persons


Activities Included:

1. Snorkeling Through Mahahual Coral Reef

2. Beach Club in Mahahual

3. Entrance and Guided Visit to The Jungle Butterfly Farm

4. Entrance and Guided Visit to Chacchoben Archeological Site

Breakfast With View to The Sea Included





1. Snorkeling Through Mahahual Coral Reef



Mahahual Coral Reef  is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, consisting of a reef barrier that starts from the coast of Cancun and reaches Honduras.

The reef system is home to over 65 species of stony corals, 350 species of molluscs and more than 500 species of fish of various shapes and colors.

Many species that live in or around the reef are endangered or under some degree of protection, including sea turtles, which can be found; Green Turtle, Turtle Loggerhead, Leatherback and Hawksbill, the West Indian manatee, the American Crocodile, Moreletii Crocodile, The Great Toad Fish, Queen Conch, The Nazzau Grouper Fish, The Elkhorn Coral, The Black Coral, etc


This activity is a boat ride through the coral reef located in front of the coast of Mahahual, where we will snorkel and observe Sea sponges, Seahorses, Colorful Fish, Manta Rays, Starfish, Countless of Coral Formations, likewise, if we're lucky we can even see a Turtle or a Manatee.







2. Beach Club in Mahahual



Mahahual Beaches are part of the beautiful, crystal clear and warm waters of The Caribbean Sea, surrounded by mangroves and jungle, the tranquility of this small town, its white sand and the beautiful landscapes that can be appreciated here make the beaches of Mahahual one unique destination, which you can not miss if you come to Bacalar or Chetumal.



During this activity, we can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mahahual for the rest of the day at a beach club in one of the best hotels of Mahahual, beach club includes food (gourmet pizza or pasta) a couple of drinks per person (water, beer or soda) and use the hotel instalations for the rest of the afternoon.





3. Entrance and Guide Visit to the Jungle Butterfly Farm



The Jungle Butterfly Farm breeds some of the most beautyfull and native species of buterflies,like the great Blue Morph Butterfly, the Owl Butterfly and the Pygmy Deer, discover the amazing and astoshining colors of these beautyfull insects and learn from about the role they played in the ancient mayan vision of universe.


This activity consists of a guided tour in the Jungle Butterfly Farm where you will be able to see closely some of the most important Maya Butterflies and learn about their life cycles and the important conservation facts that this animals have in the ecosistems.






4. Entrance and Guide Visit to Chacchoben Archeological Site



Chacchoben is a Mayan archaeological site located near Chacchoben Town, 70 km from the Mexican city of Chetumal. Its name refers to the "red corn." The site corresponds to the largest settlement to date reported in the area known as the Lakes Region area.

The exploration of the settlement began in 1994 and to date have been seized and consolidated some of the most important buildings that make up the core of the settlement, which extends over an area of ​​approximately 70 hectares where sets of structures of different ranks are distributed among the protruding joint called Great Base.

The routes and the Group II, it includes the highest building in the settlement. The character of the architectural groups primarily related to civic and religious functions are confirmed by the large number of late censers recovered at the top of the Great Base and the two main buildings that crown, which correspond to temples.


This activity consists of a guided tour in the archaeological site of Chacchoben where you can visit the different pyramidal bases and observe in the jungle some bird species of the region and even the Spider Monkey and some other species that inhabit the place






2 Persons:

$1750 MXN

3 Persons:

$1500 MXN

4 - 7 Persons:

$1300 MXN

Minors From 6 to 12 Years:

$1200 MXN


Costs are per person and includes the following:


Transportation - Hotel - Mahahual - Butterfly Farm - Chachobben - Hotel

Boat tour to Mahahual Coral Reef

Guided Visit Throw The Coral Reef

Life Jacket, Mask, Snorkel and Fins

Full Gourmet Breakfast With View to The Sea

Beach Club in Mahahual

Entrance to The Jungle Butterfy Farm

Guided Visit in the Jungle Butterfly Farm

Entrance to Chacchoben

Visit Guide in Chacchoben




Departing Points:

Bacalar Hotels

Bacalar ADO Bus Station

Chetumal Hotels

Chetumal Airport

Chetumal ADO Station