6 Hrs

>> Itinerary:

7:00 - 13:00 hrs 

>> Participants:

1 - 8 Persons


>> Activities Included <<

1. Kayak Tour on Bacalar Lagoon

2. Guided Visit to the Pirates Cannal

3. Snorkeling in Pirates Cannal Hidden Lagoon

4. Visit to the Black Cenote

5. Visit to The Bacalar Fort

6. Blue Cenote Guided Tour & Snorkeling

>> Breakfast Included <<



1. Kayak Tour on Bacalar Lagoon, The Pirates Cannal & Secret Lagoon



Bacalar Lagoon is popularly known as the Lagoon of Seven Colors because one can distinguish seven different tones of blue in its waters it is because of the different depths of it, inside the lagoon there are three different cenotes, whose waters constitute a single lagoon, its shape is narrow and long, with 42 km long and only 3 km at its widest point.

The lake is named for being located on its shores Bacalar Magic Town, this town is the oldest population of Quintana Roo, in turn the name of this town comes from the Mayan Bakhalal, which means "Surrounded by reeds", it was later re-founded by settlers Spaniards, after Spaniards took this town they built The Fort San Felipe to defend the town from the English pirates and Mayan rebel groups, now this Fort is a tourist attraction.

Likewise Laguna Bacalar is characterized as one of the few places in the world where you can see the stromatolites, one of the oldest forms of life dating back more than 3500 million years old, this forms of life caused the first production of the oxygen into the atmosphere of planet earth.



 >> We will depart very early in the morning to carry out a 3 km Kayak tour on Bacalar Lagoon, during this tour we will be able to appreciate and enjoy the Bacalar Lagoon in a unique and unequaled way since, at this time of the morning the water is very quiet and there are practically no boats on the lagoon, which will allow us to enjoy the tranquility offered by its crystalline waters and where we will appreciate the beautiful colors and landscapes that offers us, during the tour to the Pirates Cannal, we will have the opportunity to observe a large number of birds, reptiles and fish that inhabit it and later we will cross this cannal to enter in a fascinating lagoon where we will be able to observe a large number of local and migratory birds and we will have free time to swim and snorkeling in its crystaine waters.

 >> In this tour we are gona visit The Black Cenote as well and have oportunity to swim and practice snorkeling in its cristalyne waters where we would able to see some fishes and some impresive roots of the trees that surround it.






2. Visit to the Cocalitos Cenote & Stromatolites



The Cenote Cocalitos is a beautiful place located on the shores of the Laguna de Bacalar, this cenote where we can appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes of the lagoon is characterized by being one of the last places where we can observe the stromatolites.

Stromatolites were the first organisms that generated oxygen and cause of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere Some 3500 million years ago, when millions of living cells already existed in the oceans, stromatolites appeared and between 2500 and 1000 million years ago, Stromatolite reefs were widely expanded and massively producing oxygen, which allowed life to evolve as we now know it.


>> This activity will visit the Cenote Cocalitos where we will be able to know the stromatolites and we will learn about the importance they had in the history of the life of our planet. We will also have free time to swim in the azure waters of the cenote.






3.Blue Cenote Tour



Blue Cenote is located four kilometers south of the city of Bacalar, it is famous for the transparency of its waters, which you can see perfectly from the surface to a depth of 90 meters, it has a diameter of 200 meters, this Cenote is one of the biggest that is in the region and one of the most beautiful as it is surrounded by mangroves and reeds, also around the Cenote you can see the lush vegetation and a large number of native and migratory birds .



 >> This activity consists to visit the Blue Cenote where we are gonna swim and practicing snorkeling in its waters, also on the side of the Cenote there is a Restaurant Bar where you can eat your lunch or drink something while enjoying the beautiful scenery that gives us this natural wonder.







1 Person:

$2000* MXN

2 Persons:

$1250* MXN

3 Persons:

$1150* MXN

4 - 8 Persons:

$990* MXN

Minors From 6 to 12 Years:

$990* MXN


* Shuttle departing from Chetumal, has aditional cost of $100.00 MXN per person


>> Conservation Fees are per person and includes the following:


>> Transportation Hotel - Bacalar Lagoon - Cocalitos Cenote - Blue Cenote - Hotel

>> Rental of Professional Kayak, Snorkeling Equipment & Lifejacket for 3 hours on Bacalar Lagoon

>> Guided Tour on Bacalar Lagoon, Pirates Cannal & Hidden Lagoon

>> Snorkeling & Free Time to Swim in The Black Cenote

>> Beberages and Snacks on Bacalar Lagoon Tour

>> Visit to The Cocalitos Cenotes

>> Complete BreakFast

>> Visit to the Blue Cenote

>> Snorkeling in Blue Cenote




> Departing Points <

Bacalar Hotels

Bacalar ADO Bus Station

Chetumal Hotels

Chetumal Airport




>> Conservation Fees help us to keep our conservation projects, to help to protect The Rainforest and its amazing biodiversity